Our Mission

What we do

We use the power of design and design thinking to help our clients reach their business objectives and grow into their potential as entities

Our Vision

Why we do it

We explore design and creation in its various facets to enrich life, solve problems, fulfil unmet needs and uncover new exciting opportunities.

Our Position

What makes us unique

We are skilled and steeped in the art of designing, but we are thinkers first – reimagining the world and ultimately pursuing real results and change.


As an Architecture major, Oto found himself irresistibly drawn to the world of Visual Communication and Graphic Design, and started to tinker and teach himself about the tools of the trade.

He took the plunge into freelancing, learning and being exposed to a wide variety of clients and businesses. His clients range from small startups and student businesses. His client range from small startups, to nightlife and entertainment brands, as well as government agencies, corporate institutions, and international foundations.

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