Brand Strategy


Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable

– John Jantsch

The promise of a good brand is this

With a compelling brand, your dream customers will know you, they will seek you out, and if you deliver, they will love you and tell others about you

We can help you create such a brand, digging deep with you to unearth the core idea behind your brand – what you do, who you do it for, and why they should care. With your brand clearly defined, a powerful visual identity can be created that attracts your dream customers.

DIY Brand Sprint

A self paced 5-step course designed to help you distill your brand essence into an actionable creative brief. Perfect for self-starters and solopreneurs.


Brand Sprint Workshop

A 3-hour facilitated workshop that draws from our expertise and the experience of your team to distill the core idea behind your brand, and the various pillars that make up its attributes. Perfect for small businesses and small teams. 

Brand Strategy

A 3-day workshop designed to dig deep into small to medium sized organisations to clarify their purpose, understand their customers better and position themselves competitively in the market place. 

What they say about us

Oto is a creative genius! In our need to refresh and revitalize our brand, he was able to quickly understand the essence behind the brand. This was soon translated into some of the best design work I have encountered in this industry. He is top of mind for future recommendations!

Christine Jawichre

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8 ways a solid brand identity and strategy will propel your business to the next level


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