Brand Sprint Workshop

The promise of a good brand is this – with a solid and well exposed brand, your dream customers will know you, they will seek you out, and if you do your job right and deliver on the promise, they will love you and bring more friends.


We all know branding is pretty important, yet getting a handle on it can be so hard. For most people, the word ‘brand’, makes them think immediately of logos. But a brand is not a logo. A brand is the meaning the logo eventually becomes associated with. It is what people think when they think about you, it is how they feel about you. Brand is the set of associations, emotions and impressions the market has about you the individual, the organization or your product/service. It is the box they put you in.


Branding is the art of creating a category of one, or dominating a category of many.


It’s about being so top of mind, so aligned to your target market that they cannot help but choose you because you speak so compellingly to them.

The advantages of branding go far beyond just convincing your customers. The beauty of understanding and developing your brand is that it solves multiple problems at once, providing you with a value guide for how you run your business, how you communicate and how you grow into the future.

Having a clearly defined brand provides you with clarity. As a business or organization, you get to understand your story, what you believe in, and what you are in business for. It gives you direction on your goals and how to achieve them. It also gives you the unique edge and competitive advantage by playing to your strengths and what makes you tick.

In the brand sprint workshop, we outline and build your brand identity, voice and personality to help you understand the core of your brand – what you do, who you do it for and why they should care.

Our Process

Brand building can be treacherous territory, let us provide you with the map

The Questionnaire

You receive a questionnaire that prompts thinking exercises to dig deep into what you do and why it matters

The Workshop

We sit down with you and workshop your answers to consolidate ideas and draw out deeper insights

The Definition

We work through your answers and the results of our workshop to flesh out and clearly outline your brand position and identity.


Check out what some of our clients have to say about the brand workshop.

Oto’s work speaks volumes. He is a neat creative of note! A nonprofit sector intertwined with sports and arts, is a world of its own. It often happens that individuals from the corporate sector misinterpret our passion-driven spin to the business culture.

Oto was able to understand my world and interpret it to the global standard, which left me feeling highly passionate about pursuing my vision. What I appreciate more, is that he was patient and handled different opinions professionally and with great respect. May he continue to SOW the seeds of wisdom.

Ayanda Kubheka (Shoes of Wisdom)

Oto is a creative genius! In our need to refresh and revitalize our brand, he was able to quickly understand the essence behind the brand. This was soon translated into some of the best design work I have encountered in this industry. He is top of mind for future recommendations!

Christine Jawichre (Blue Platinum Events)

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