Make your brand stand out with timeless and sophisticated design

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

– Paul Rand

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. If your perfect customer met your brand for the first time, would it be love at first sight?

Would they get the feeling that your brand is exciting, clear and a must-buy? Or will they find it cluttered, confusing and bland? Do you look like you don’t know what you are doing, or are you able to instil trust that your brand is the one they have been searching for?

Whether you are just getting started, or looking to revitalise your brand, we can help you bring your vision to life with timeless sophisticated design.

How we work

The Design Process


Step 1: Questionnaire

We send you a questionnaire to work through and fill in your answers


Step 2: The Brief

We work through your answers and generate the creative brief for your project

Step 3: Moodboard

We create a moodboard based on the creative direction we are targeting with the brief.


Step 4: Design

This is the fun part – experimenting and exploring to give you multiple design options to choose from


Step 5: Revision

With feedback and collaboration, we refine until we get to the chosen design

Step 6: Delivery

We build out your visual system and design collateral and marketing material for launch into the world

Design Packages


Logo Design

We combine timeless design principles and contemporary sensibilities to create appropriate logos and marks that identify and express the compelling truth of your brand.


We work collaboratively to create comprehensive and versatile identity systems that ensure that your brand comes through across every touchpoint creating a consistent experience for your customers. 

Identity Basics

  • Logo
  • Letterhead
  • Business Card
  • E-mail Signature

Identity Essentials

  • Logo
  • Letterhead
  • Business Card
  • E-mail Signature
  • Presentation Template
  • Company Profile


Communications Collateral

We translate your brand to whatever material you need to connect with your customers – brochures, posters, newsletters, social media posts, annual reports, etc.

What they say about us


Things you might want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you begin my project?

We usually are busy with about 2 weeks worth of work at any time. But we are happy to start processing your project right from enquiry.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time varies from project to project, but you can expect the first set of drafts around 5 working days from payment of deposit.

May I send you my own sketches and ideas?

Of course. We welcome any ideas or points of inspiration you may have. Our process is a collaborative one.

Do you offer printing services?

Unfortunately not. We just handle the designs and provide you with the neccessary files. But we are happy to connect you with trusted printers to produce your project.

What are your payment terms?

We require at least 50% of the quote to be paid upfront before work on the project is done.

In what format will I receive my files?

Logo files are delivered in .AI, .PDF, .PNG and .JPG. Other design deliverables are provided in .PDF, .AI, .PPT, .DOCX as needed.

What if I don't like the designs?

We begin most projects by agreeing on design direction with the help of moodboards and references. But we also have 2 rounds of revisions if we are not quite hitting the mark. Subsequent revisions will be charged for adhoc.

I have a different question

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