Who We Are

A Studio focused on crafting identities, communicating ideas and amplifying brands.

We help our clients achieve their business objectives and grow into their potential as entities through the power of design and design thinking.

What we do


We balance timeless, sophisticated design directions with real world insights to create bespoke design suited to your unique needs. From logos and identities to posters & documents.


We integrate disciplines ensuring you have a digital solution that fulfils your business goals and delights your market. From emailers and social media to website and apps.


We use design thinking to articulate, flesh-out, and validate ideas, help you reach your business goals – giving you a clear plan for execution and a clear story for your stakeholders.

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Latest Blogs

Posted by Otoabasi Bassey | 03 06 2017

Every since the first cow was burned with a ‘brand’ so Joe could tell his herd from Peter’s, we have come to understand brand as promises and as signifiers of quality, of value, and of personality. Interbrand outlines the various ages of brand here, with the first age being that of brand as identity. Brands...

Posted by Otoabasi Bassey | 01 05 2017

As a designer, my most requested service is creating corporate (visual) identities. My clients are usually entrepreneurs in need of a logo, some marketing material, and a website to hit the ground running. And it usually works out well enough. The client gets in touch, they tell me their brief and what they are looking...

Posted by Otoabasi Bassey | 08 03 2017

This is a slight rant on something I have been experiencing in the past few weeks. I started out in this design/design business thing self taught. I learned to use the software and I’ve been sloughing away at it ever since. In the 7-8 years I’ve been doing this, I have probably designed up to...

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