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The 4 Levels of Branding

Branding, the art of curating a vibe for your audience, of carving out a set space in their minds, is an ongoing one. And it is always happening whether you are aware and intentional about it or not. There are, however, different levels of branding and they run the...

The Brand Bottleneck: 5 Ways Bad Branding Impacts Business Success

Here’s the thing, you probably don’t need a brand to be successful... If by success, you simply mean making money. At the end of the day, commercial exchange can be distilled down to core utility - are you able to satisfactorily service my need or supply this...

What makes a brand compelling?

Think of a brand you love. Chances are one of these come to mind: Apple, Spotify, Uber, Nike, Sorbet, Konka, Netflix, Samsung, Woolworths, Fenty, Playstation. Depending on who you are and what your life is like, your list could be completely different. But the point...

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